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4 Most Dangerous Mistakes When Choosing a Chiropractor

4 Most Dangerous Mistakes When Choosing a Chiropractor

1. The Chiropractor does not take Specific X-Rays of Your Spine. The Danger is that there could be problems in Your Spine like a Tumor or Fracture that if Adjusted could Harm You.

Solution: We Take X-Rays of all of our New Patients for Your Safety to Ensure there are NO Problems with Your Spine that would Prevent us from Helping you.

2. The Chiropractor does not Create a Specific Plan or Roadmap to Achieve a Goal. The Danger of this is that you will NEVER Correct Your Problem. You will receive Temporary Relief but you will Never Correct it.

Solution: We Schedule you for a Specific Appointment to meet with you and Personally Review your X-rays with You and design a Roadmap and a Plan to not only help you achieve Pain Relief but to also Correct the Problem so You Don’t have it Come Back.

3. The Chiropractor has a I can FIX IT ALL Attitude

The Danger in this is you might need a referral as sometimes patients don’t get the Results they need or have a Problem that needs other help and if the Chiropractor does not Work with Other Professionals Your Health Can Suffer.

Solution: We Have Developed our Own Network of Highly Qualified Healthcare providers that Share a Common Goal and that is to See You get Well as quick as Possible. WE work with Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Massage Therapists, and MRI companies to make sure you get the help you need quickly. Remember IT is ALL About YOU!

4. The Chiropractic Office is Very Disorganized.

The Danger is if you can tell they are Dis-organized in their Procedures with you from the First Impression then how do you think they are going to be with Your Health and Subsequent Visits.

Solution: I have Run my own Successful offices for over 15 years and Pride ourselves in the Details. From the Very first time you call to the moment you walk into our office we believe that Customer Service it the ONLY thing that matters. We live in a World where people are not treated As Very Important. Not in my World. I have developed Systems to make sure your Experience is Amazing Every Visit. We hold training meeting monthly to always work on making patients visits a Joy and Pleasure.

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